# Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I purchased my DS1052E scope several months back. After trying, and failing for days to get the “Ultrascope” software to work under Windows 7 64 bit, I gave up.

My interest was recently renewed in getting the Ultrascope software to work on my computer so i decided to give it another go. This time, I succeeded!

To save others the pain I went through, I’ll document the things I did (well, that i can remember given that I had previous failed attempts). Install the Rigol Ultrascope software.

Second, download the DS1000 Series Windows driver (note, I can’t take credit for these two files, I found them in another forum). Extract these two files, then go find the device in the Device Manager. Update the driver and point it to the directory where you extract the driver files.

Next, download the NI-VISA Run-Time Engine (v5.0.3 as of this writing). Beware, this file weighs in at 71 MB. Install the VISA runtime with the default options (you could probably get away with just installing the USB portion, but I didn’t try it).

When the NI-VISA installer finally finishes, you might be prompted to reboot. I skipped this step :-). Run the Ultrascope software, and click on Tools –> Connect to Oscilloscope. I was prompted with a list of devices, with none of it making much sense, except the first option “USB0…” I choose that option and everything worked!



Wednesday, April 27, 2011 10:54:10 PM (Alaskan Daylight Time, UTC-08:00)